Gas Lift Valves

Gas Lift Valves


The gas lift valves are designed for fluid remove, to ensure efficient gas injection to maximize your oil production. The valves are attached to the outside of tubing retrievable mandrels, which are then inserted into the tubing string at designed depths. Wireline retrievable valves are installed into side-pocket mandrels by wireline units so that the production tubing does not have to be tripped to change valves.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • Long services life design, reach more than 5 years
  • Widely application, suitable for sand well, wax & salt wellbore
  • Suitable for deviated well, horizontal well, etc.
  • Max. depth to 5000 meters

Application Processes:

  • Gas lift and fluid remove

Gas Lift Valve Parameters:

Type Conventional
gas lift valve
gas lift valve
gas lift valve
gas lift valve
gas lift valve
Length(mm) 425 425 350 330 480
Max. outer diameter of gas lift valve body 25.4 25.4 20 16 25.4
Effective area of bellows (mm2) 200 200 189 177 200
Max. inflation pressure(MPa) 15 25 20 15 15
Pressure resistance(MPa) 35 90 60 35 50
Heat resistance(℃) 150 150 150 150 150

Gas Lift Operating Cylinder Parameters:

Type Atmospheric Fixed Gas Lift Working Barrel High-Pressure Resistant Fixed Gas Lift Working Barrel Embedded Gas Lift Working Barrel Embedded Gas Lift Working Barrel Retrieval Type Gas Lift Working Barrel
Length(mm) 1270 1000 800 800 2000
Max.O.D.(mm) 114 114 85 80 118.6
Bore diameter(mm) 62 62 42 42 62
Steel grade N80 C90 N80 N80 N80
Threaded connection 2-7/8″ EUE 2-7/8″ EUE 2 3/8″ EUE 2 3/8″ EUE 2-7/8'' EUE
Compatible gas lift valve Ordinary valve, high-pressure valve, or small OD valve. Small OD Valve Φ20 Small OD Valve Φ16 Throwing-and-retrieving Valve
Applicable casing I.D.(mm) ≥121.36 ≥121.36 ≥101.6 ≥101.6 ≥150.36

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