KF Retrievable Cementing Retainers Hydraulic Set

KF Retrievable Cementing Retainers Hydraulic Set


KF Retrievable Cementing Retainers (Hydraulic Set) consisted with squeezing bridge plug, hydraulic setting tool and fishing tool. It’s reliable in running process, avoid premature setting. Compact structure, small ID, easy for drilled out. Suitable for various range of casing size. Ratchet lock rings secure dynamic setting force, One piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings combine for a superior seal, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • Setting with special hydraulic setting tool
  • Design for retrievable after squeezing operation
  • One tubing run for setting and squeezing

Application Processes:

  • Temporary or permanent formation isolation
  • Secondary cementing.


Model O.D(mm) Length(mm) Working Pressure difference(MPa) Rated Temperature(°C) Unseating load(KN) Applicable Casing(mm)
QSC-110 110 1223 50 150 40-60 118.6-124.3
QSC-114 114 1223 50 150 40-60 124.3-127

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