KEFENG Retrievable Expansion Packer

KEFENG Retrievable Expansion Packer


Model No.: KFPR-Ex4 K344
KFPR-Ex4 Expansion Packer is a type of packer that uses an inflatable bladder to expand the packer element against the casing or wellbore. With the hydraulic pressure required to inflate the packer provided by carefully applying surface pump pressure. These packers are capable of relatively large expansion ratios, an important factor in through-tubing work where the tubing size or completion components can impose a significant size restriction on devices designed to set in the casing or liner below the tubing. It’s usually used together with water distributer to make the injection string.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • No expansion in process of wellbore clean, big displacement
  • Totally releasing when pressure up from casing
  • Small size, effective prevent sticking or stuck.

Application Processes:

  • Staged injection, acidizing, squeezing, fracturing, etc.


Type Suitable Casing
Rated pressure
Rated Temperature
K344-110 121.1-124.3 1320 110 60 70 120 2-7/8''EU
K344-115 121.1-127.3 1280 115 60 70 120 2-7/8''EU

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