KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Anchor Set

KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Anchor Set


Model No.: KFRP-HA Y531
KFRP-HA Packer is self-setting by hydraulic pressure and support by anchoring system, it contains reverse injection clean function, which allow cycling clean for wellbore, the higher pressure, the better sealing effect, it also withstand for high temperature, big inner diameter allow bigger displacement, it’s reliable and stable performance.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • Self-setting by hydraulic pressure, reliable withstand for up and lower pressure
  • Built-in pressure relief and bypass device
  • Mechanical setting and locking, annular pressure enhanced seal
  • No Mandrel movement during setting

Application Processes:

  • Deviated well workover, fracturing, acidizing, testing squeezing, etc.


Type O.D
Y531-81/36-120/50 81 36 1150 120/50 2-3/8''EU
Y531-103/45-120/50 103 45 1150 120/50 2-7/8''EU
Y531-111/55-120/50 111 55 1250 120/50 2-7/8''EU
Y531-115/58-120/50 115 58 1250 120/50 2-7/8''EU
Y531-148/62-120/50 148 62 1250 120/50 3-1/2''NU
Y531-166/76-120/50 166 76 1250 120/50 3-1/2''NU
Y531-211/76-120/50 211 76 1250 120/50 3-1/2''NU

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