KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Set Double Grips

KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Set Double Grips


Model No.: KFRP-HD Packer Y441
The KFRP-HD Packer is a hydraulic set packer that can be run in single or multiple zone installations, It is highly recommended for deviated wells where conditions are not suitable for mechanical or wireline set packers. No tubing movement is required or generated in order to set the packer. Packer design features bi-directional, one piece slips located below a three element packing system consisting of dual durometer rubber elements.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • No tubing movement is required for setting the Packer.
  • Two or more packers can be set together or in any desired sequence.
  • Bi-directional slips to arrest movement of packer once it has been set.
  • Two balanced pistons are utilized during the setting of the Packer.
  • The packer could be released with straight pull or by rotation.

Application Processes:

  • Treatment, injection, or production for deviated wells or directional wells


Type Suitable casing
Rated pressure
Rated temperature
Setting pressure
Y441-80 88.6-90.1 1403 80 25 50 130 16-20 2-3/8''EU
Y441-110 118.2-124.3 1551 110 45 50 130 16-20 2-7/8''EU
Y441-114 121.1-127.3 1551 114 48 50 130 16-20 2-7/8''EU
Y441-150 157.1-164.2 1594 150 62 50 130 16-20 2-7/8''EU

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