KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Set

KEFENG Retrievable Packer Hydraulic Set


Model No.: KFRP-H-4 Y344
KFRP-H4 open hole packer is designed to be run in both cased and open hole applications in both vertical and horizontal wells for multi-stage frac application. The Isolation Packer is a non-anchoring packer, so it can be used together with the Anchor which incorporates a one piece bi-directional slip system in order to help prevent movement during higher pressure operations whereby. It can be ran as a single zone application packer or ran in conjunction with several packers in a multiple zone completion.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • Three element ensure sealing, pressure rating up to 10,000PSI
  • Outer components locked to prevent pre-set
  • Field adjustable setting / shear pressure
  • Designed for cased hole or open hole

Application Processes:

  • Injection, fracturing and acidizing
  • Combination with constant pressure Var for channeling or leaking point search


Type Suitable Casing
Rated pressure
Rated Temperature
Y344-110 121.1-124.3 1320 110 60 70 120 2-7/8''EU
Y344-115 121.1-127.3 1280 115 60 70 120 2-7/8''EU

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