KEFENG Retrievable Packer Mechanical Set Single Grip

KEFENG Retrievable Packer Mechanical Set Single Grip


Model No.: KFRP-MS1 Y211
KFRP-MS1 non-rotational packer is ideal for deepwater, extended-reach situations where getting enough torque downhole to manipulate the tool string can be a major challenge. It is made up of a hookwall retrievable packer with a concentric bypass and a continuous indexing J-slot. Each assembly includes an indexing J-slot mechanism, mechanical slips, packer elements, hydraulic slips, and a concentric bypass

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • Easily operated in extended-reach or highly-deviated wellbores
  • No rotation required to set the packer
  • Locked in the “run in hole” position until the hydrostatic pressure at a predetermined depth is reached or annulus pressure is applied
  • Easily relocated to multiple zones during a single-trip for treating, testing, or squeezing

Application Processes:

  • Ideal for deepwater, extended-reach applications
  • Coiled tubing horizontal well multi-stage fracturing


Type Suitable Casing
Lower differential pressure
Setting load
Rated Temperature
Y211-80 88.6-90.1 1510 80 32 70 100-160 150 2-3/8''EU
Y211-102 108.8-111 2086 102 40 50 100-160 130 2-7/8''EU
Y211-112 121-124.3 2109 112 48 50 100-160 130 2-7/8''EU
Y211-114 121-127.3 2109 114 48 50 100-160 130 2-7/8''EU
Y211-148 157.1-164.2 1667 148 58 50 100-160 130 2-7/8''EU

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