KF Wireline Setting Tools

KF Wireline Setting Tools


Wireline setting tools are used for setting of bridge plug, retainers and production packers. By burning powder column, high pressure gas is generated in the cylinder liner to push the piston to generate the corresponding stroke and pushing force to seat and release the tool below.

This Model is drifted with the corresponding API tubing drift size.

NOTE: Additional size, weight, end connection etc. are also available on request.


Advantages and features:

  • HPHT sealing ring, cyclic utilization;
  • Connecting part adopts the international standard;
  • Suitable for bridge plugs, retainers and production packers.

Application Processes: 

  • Setting for bridge plugs, retainers and production packers


Tool O.D. Max. temperature/pressure Max. Setting Strength Max. Pressure of Wellbore
Inch °F/PSI Lbs PSI
3 1/2 400 / 20,000 60,000 15,000
1.72 400 / 10,000 15,000 10,000
3 1/2 400 / 15,000 60,000 8000
3 1/2 400 / 20,000 60,000 15,000

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